Christian Education Ministry


Delafield Presbyterian Church continues to serve Christ in our children and our youth. In recognition that Christian Education is vital to our faith, our desire is to facilitate the spiritual growth of the next generation of faithful servants. With that objective in mind, we utilize curriculum that continues to explore Christian values from pre-school, through the teen years and beyond. We coordinate programs and strategies to aid the spiritual development and discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness.


The Christian Education Committee continues to be actively involved. This committee is comprised of a variety of people in the church – Sunday school teachers, parents, grandparents, and other interested parties. The committee helps choose the curricula, plan and man special events, such as youth activities, kid’s involvement in worship, Christmas pageant, etc.


The nursery program includes infants through children age four. This year, our nursery group formalized the Christian Education curriculum to meet the needs of this age group.  Adrienne O’Neil is our paid primary childcare giver. She and church-congregant volunteers staff the nursery on a weekly basis.


Children’s Sunday School

The Sunday school program continues using the curriculum called “Seasons of the Spirit.” This curriculum is based on the church calendar, so that topics covered in worship are also covered in Sunday school. Lessons are posted in the weekly bulletin so parents can have meaningful conversations with their children about faith and what it means to follow Jesus.

Our Sunday school class is offered to children from five years to twelve years of age. Our teachers are Cynthia Hennig, Lori Petersen, and Patti Rojas. Teachers rotate Sundays and are sometimes assisted by Junior High and High School students. Here’s just a few of the exciting Sunday school events from this past year:

  • In September, we held a very exciting Rally Day. We served brats and hot dogs after church service, and set up a registration table where we recruited children into our Sunday school. Parents and grandparents were also invited to participate in Sunday school with their children/grandchildren.
  • In December, the children presented the annual Christmas program announcing and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • In February, Sunday school students were able to help fight hunger and poverty in our local community via the “Souper Bowl of Caring”.  The vision of this program is to transform Super Bowl weekend into America’s largest youth-led weekend of giving and serving.  The teachers and students worked to make up 24 Mason jar bean soup kits to sell for $10 each. Seed money from last years’ craft fair was used to buy the supplies so everything collected was profit. Through the generosity of our congregation, this project yielded a $300.00 donation to a local food pantry (Hartford Food Pantry).  The kids and teachers were inspired while having fun.
  • In March, the students continued the traditional Easter Egg dye event.  The delicious eggs were presented during Fellowship Hour after church.
  • June 3rd will conclude another terrific year of Sunday school classes for this school year.  In celebration of this, the students will be hosting the traditional (ice cream) Sundae Sunday.

Youth/Teen Discussions:

This year, a special Teen Discussion Leadership Group was formed. Gathering ideas and suggestions from the teens, the Group Leaders developed a young adult curriculum to bring an enhanced level of dimension and diversity to the lives of our youth and our community. Monthly discussions are held with the teens during Sunday morning service on topics such as suicide prevention and how to handle situations involving mental health issues with peers; homelessness in the area and how to volunteer for Family Promise; and world religions including Zen Buddhism and the Muslim faith. In December, session approved the creation of a Teen Leadership position, filled by Adrienne O’Neil, to continue the monthly presentations/discussions for the Teen Group.

Teen Discussion Group Schedule:

  • SEPTEMBER 10TH:  Mohammad Kharbat presented a program on the Muslim faith
  • OCTOBER 15TH : Kent Jones presented an in-depth discussion on Zen Buddhism followed by a ½ hour of guided meditation
  • NOVEMBER 12TH:  Adrienne O’Neil lead a discussion on suicide prevention and how to handle situations involving mental health issues with peers. This
  • DECEMBER 10TH: Jane Lurvey and Liz Furse conducted a volunteer training session for the youth to learn more about homelessness in our area and participate during our “Family Promise” weeks throughout the year.
  • JANUARY 14th: Holly and Bob Faith coordinated a discussion with Detective Chris Kohl to address drug addiction in our community.
  • MARCH 11th:  Adrienne O’Neil facilitated a discussion race, micro aggression, and bias:  what it is, what it isn’t and how you can be a part of the solution.
  • MAY 13th:  Bob David , the oldest member of our church, will share with the youth his life and the life lessons he’s learned in 94


The last confirmation class was completed in May 2016. No confirmation classes were scheduled during 2017 or are planned for 2018.


  • In 2017, Pastor Nikki Blanks presented a special Lent adult education series utilizing art-making, a prayer labyrinth, Lectio Divina, and Ignatian spiritual practices to help us hear the voice of God through scripture.
  • During the summer, members participated in a discussion on the Fundamentals of the Presbyterian Faith
  • In the fall, Pastor Nikki facilitated a hands-on Introduction to Preaching class. Six “graduates” of the class were equipped to write and present a sermon to the congregation during the months of December through May.
  • Delafield Presbyterian Church also partnered with Christ the King Lutheran Church for a joint adult education series during the season of Advent.
  • In 2018, a Lenten Adult Education series was held during February and March.

Christian Education Ministry Team

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