Our Pastor

Pastor Nikki Blanks
I am a pastor who has been serving this church for a very short time considering the history covers the last 150 years. As I reflect on how much I have learned about this wonderful faith community, I am struck by how large an undertaking it is to summarize.  A church’s history is not something that can be shared in a book of any form. The dreams, the love and the joy that has been shared in this place cannot be described with words, needless to mention the pain and sorrow this community has seen with each other through the years. Words cannot explain how we have become family to one another.

This assessment fails to mention all the ways that women and men in this community have tried to listen for the calling of the Holy Spirit in our midst. It does not note the deep longing to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, to worship God with our whole lives, and to see the face of the Lord in one another. We strive to love and serve, like our Lord and example.

And as we look forward to the future of this congregation, we aim to continue the tradition of love and service, of acceptance and mutual support. We look forward to seeing the new directions in which the Holy Spirit will lead us in the next 150 years, and we hope to remain faithful worshippers and servants of God, working to see the ideals of God’s Kingdom come to fruition here on earth. May God bless us all in the years to come!