DPC’s Enhanced COVID Safety Protocol – January 2022

Due to a sharp spike in cases of COVID-19 in our area, DPC’s session has decided to add some stronger safety protocol to prevent the spread of the virus within our congregation. The increased protocol are set to last for the next 4 Sundays (January 16, January 23, January 30 and February 6) and will be reevaluated after February 6. We are currently planning to continue meeting in-person, but will be adding some precautions while together at DPC. Here’s what to expect:

1. Distancing: You will be asked by an usher to make sure that you do not sit within 6 feet of anyone who’s not a part of your household.
2. No-Masks Section: If you wear a mask, you are free to sit anywhere in the sanctuary you would like. However, if you choose not to wear a mask, you are asked to sit on the east side of the sanctuary only. This way, people who are less comfortable sitting close to someone who is unmasked will have a section of the sanctuary where they are able to keep more distance.

3. Contact Tracing: We are reminding everyone to continue filling out the attendance cards found in your pew. These are used only for the purpose of contact tracing, and will allow us to get in touch with you, should there be an active case of COVID at a Sunday service.

4. Music: We will be eliminating congregational singing for the time being. While singing adds a lot to the service, it also spreads disease much more efficiently than speaking.

5. Coffee Hour: DPC will not be providing food or drink for coffee hour because we are not encouraging people to stay after the service at this time. 

The session of DPC believes that enacting these safety measures will prevent the spread of COVID19 within our church. We are working to make sure you all stay safe AND connected here at DPC. And we hope that you will understand our decision and participate in being a part of beating COVID.